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393Re: [steiner] To Love

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  • Morgan Vierheller
    Jan 1, 2001
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      Jeff Auen wrote:

      ...Two friends and I  encountered one such teacher who spoke of nothing but love and associated himself exclusively with the mystic heart path. ... many of the visitors (from America) had experiences of profound love beyond anything we have had since. This state of  love/ energy permeated every part of us. It was within us and could be felt and experienced with everyone else and even into stones. We were filled with it and it changed every  thought, feeling and action we had. One could not speak  or think  harmfully of others; we did not have to eat much;  and this feeling was shared equally with others.
      There is a person (of a group of 40-50) that I dance with (Universal Worship/Sufi) that have affected me this way when we dance.  Although he leads the dance with his music and does not come out into the circle his warmth and love for the form radiates from him so brightly that there is a flood of love and warmth.
      I am also dismayed that the bustle and noise tends to drown out the feeling after a few days but I am happy to feel it for the time that it occurs.

      Thank you for the wonderful story!


      . For those who have had this experience, a clear distinction is known between any human state of love and divine love which penetrates every particle of creation. This is the sort of love I was referring to though not so dramatic and life changing. This love is transforming in the way St. Paul spoke of it in the Epistles. This, in even its simplest form, cannot be generated or expanded like other capacities we have.

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