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3901PoF study: mental pictures

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  • Lee Noonan
    Nov 15, 2006



      Thank you Caryn and Starman for your replies and sorry I didn’t reply sooner.   It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had much time for study but here are some points.


      More questions on mental pictures and intuition.


      Point 1


      In chapter 6 ,  and other places, Steiner says:


      “…  In this individualized form, which carries the REFERENCE to the percept as a characteristic feature, the concept lives on in us and constitutes the mental picture of the thing in question.  ……   if we come across the same thing a second time , we find in our conceptual system,  not merely a corresponding concept, but the individualized concept with it’s characteristic RELATION to the same object, and thus we recognize the object again.”


      I read this as meaning that the REFERENCE in my conceptual system ( as apposed to the universal conceptual system ) is a reference to an IMAGE of a percept that I have stored away, and not a reference to the actual object.   For example,  the guitar that is sitting in the corner of my room I recognize as the same one that was there yesterday because it looks the same,  but actually it could be a different one that just looks the same.


      So the question that I need to reflect on here is when in thinking do I access my internal conceptual system and when the universal one.


      Which leads on to my next point about willed thinking.



      Point 2


      When we were at school we all grasped the concept of multiplication and modified our self with the individualized concept.     


      Now if I ask you to perform to mental arithmetic, lets say 17 multiplied by 19, then it appears to me that you really need to concentrate to come up with the correct answer (or even the wrong answer for that matter). 


      Now in the process of mental arithmetic I guess that I will be accessing my internal conceptual system and not the universal one.


      So is this willed thinking?


      Or is it possible to go that step further and re-experience the universal concept?




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