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386Re: Krishna questions and the Christ

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  • Charlie Morrison
    Jan 1 1:53 PM
      --- In steiner@egroups.com, Jeff Auen <pacbay@h...> wrote:
      > Though I am certainly not attempting to pull the camel through the
      > needle's eye or find the gnat in the barn, I am always interested in
      > clarity ...
      > >
      > >When you wrote : -

      "I also do not think at this time of our growth, cosmological
      distinctions are vital for all but those trying to put the puzzle
      together its an ongoing process."

      I agree with this, and feel it is less important to try to work out
      the connection between Krishna and Christ than to take Krishna's
      words in my quote (message 111) as a revelation of the nature of
      the `I AM' and not as a revelation of what or who Krishna is.

      I.E. Not - "For I (Krishna) am the sacrifice and the offering ..."
      But - "For I am (the Cosmic Ego is) the sacrifice and the

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