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  • sarah
    Jul 5, 2006

      The Zoroastrians claim the Conscience first came from their teachings from the word "Asha", which means universal moral Truth, which predates the Greeks by many centuries. Zoroastrianism puts great value on the development of wisdom and insight co-creating with a God of pure compassion, over blind obedience to a wrathful God, making conscience the guide, not fear. In fact, Christianity, Greek philosophy and Judaism are all indebted to Zarathustra whose teachings spread when the Persians invaded Babylon in 539BC. Before their education in Babylon, the Jews were just henotheistic appeasement-based terrified pagans. (I've just done an assignment on this and thoroughly enjoyed it!)

      Most modern scholars date Zarathustra to 1000BC-1700BC. I think Steiner dates him to 6000BC(?). One thing for sure; he predated Euripides!

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