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  • My2Cents
    Jul 5, 2006
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      Dear Mathew and All,

      Guilt is indeed a sign of human conscience. Steiner writes to the effect that there was a very specific point in history when conscience replaced what was known in older times, such as the old Roman days, as The Furies. Unless I'm greatly mistaken, human conscience is exemplified by Eurypides in his "Oedepus".



      --- On Mon 07/03, Mathew Morrell < tma4cbt@... > wrote:
      Subject: [steiner] Guilt

      Let me make a brief case in favor of guilt, by first stating that
      there are limitations to what guilt can provide therapeutically
      speaking, and that obsessive guilt (or being guilt ridden) is
      counterproductive in the emotional healing process. At some point
      you must transcend guilt and, in modern vernacular, "forget about it"-
      --as hard as that might be. As Nietzsche says, forgetting is
      necessary for "all the nobler functions and functionaries´┐Ż"

      However guilt is unavoidable for most people, for it comes with
      having a conscience. If you did not have a conscience you would not
      feel guilt. You would be person who can commit sin without
      suffering. For the rest of us, sin is suffering. Eventually we move
      through the guilt stage through atonement, but not after we have
      burned in its fires long enough for our soul to achieve an emotional
      memory of the event. In this way, we evolve as individuals.

      The danger of the New Age---as it is preached in pop culture---is
      that it negates the quality of guilt; and therefore negates the
      feeling of pain due to wrong action. In fact, the primary aim of New
      Age thought is to be guilt free, to be liberated from all universal
      concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, to do whatever one wants
      to do, whenever one wants to do it, without shame, guilt, fault,
      guilt, remorse, or responsibility, in essence to live in the eternal
      innocence of unreflective unconsciousness. Guilt is seen as
      backward, as something that gets in the way of living life to the
      fullest. Guilt is the opposite of what the New Age strives for: a
      life lived in the moment, without the repercussions of Time.

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