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378Re: [steiner] To Love

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  • Sarah Cherry
    Jan 1, 2001
      Jeff wrote:
      >Quite simply, unless I am very unique from others, I cannot just
      >turn the feeling of love on and direct it as a true feeling force
      >to others.Compassion, sensitivity to others etc. is not the same
      >feeling state as love. Sometimes "it" is there and flows forth and
      >sometimes nothing I can do can rekindle this flow. Sometimes, we
      >experience this with our mates or family and friends but I am also
      >speaking of it also in the board sense towards others and nature.
      >In thinking and willing, we can generate it by concentration,
      >application intelligence, "putting our shoulder up against the wheel
      >and pushing" but generating true love is not so direct or possible.

      While running the risk of straining at gnats, I'll pursue this
      conversation a little longer.

      I guess I think there is a causal relationship between love and, as
      you say, "putting our shoulder up against the wheel and pushing".
      There are many steps involved in overcoming our lower natures, and I
      don't mean to say that I think it's easy. Also, I don't experience
      love a only feeling state, I experience it in the thinking as well.
      The thinking state of the heart is quite different from the thinking
      of the head. However, I'm right with you in that sometimes...it just
      ain't there-and there's nothing I can do about it.

      Maybe you can elaborate on love as a "true feeling force"?

      I just had a thought that perhaps this group might want to read
      together the lecture "Love and Its Meaning". I then did a search on
      the e.lib for the work, so we'd all have access to a copy. The
      results of my search revealed the following:

      1) A quote: "Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for
      someone else." (this is where *I* certainly need the "putting the
      shoulder up against the wheel" gesture!)

      2) Most of the references to the word "love" were from "Philosophy of Freedom"

      3) The link for the lecture is:



      At 1:04 PM -0800 12/31/00, Jeff Auen wrote:
      >By the Way, Pietro condition of silence and his being cast out by
      >his "brothers" was an interesting side note of karmic relations.

      Did I mention that he found his first Steiner book the same week (or
      close to it) that the growth became such that he could no longer
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