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3771Re: [steiner] Online anthroposophical discussions

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  • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
    Jun 20, 2006
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      In a message dated 6/20/2006 11:25:26 A.M. Central Daylight Time, DrStarman@... writes:
      I'd wanted to respond to this even though it's taken me awhile to do
      so, because it's a big problem I've run into often. As some of you know,  I
      was born with psychic ability, and took up the Edgar Cayce readings and
      anthroposophy to train it, and I ran into just what you described ----for
      instance, when old teachers at the Waldorf Institute where I got my training
      would talk about the things in Steiner's books, but didn't want to admit
      they had no psychic ability themselves.
      I have had the experience over and over again by teachers in anthroposophy that my psychic experiences cannot be real or true.  I have sat in "Philosophy of Freedom", "Theosophy", "Occult Science, "Knowledge of Higher Worlds" book studies and on several occasions with the teacher directly looking me in the eye telling me they are delusions.  Now, how in the world did this get skewed so badly?  I already know why but come on people?  I have talked with many people who love anthroposophy but cannot tolerate its followers.  Hmmm, sounds familiar .  I believe certain anthroposophists strive and strive and do the exercises and they get caught in their own downfalls and then accuse the "seers" as being frauds.  Oh, the joys of 3-D.  ~Chantel -wandering anthroposophist 
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