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377Krishna questions and the Christ

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  • Jeff Auen
    Dec 31, 2000
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      Though I am certainly not attempting to pull the camel through the needle's eye or find the gnat in the barn, I am always interested in clarity and accuracy in all things. Though the Christ identity still is unclear to me in spite of  "clear statements" in the lectures we are reading (interesting to note: that in later Gospel lectures and in from Jesus to Christ and the Pre-earthly Deeds of Christ lectures there is more elaboration than the St.John lectures of the Christ nature). I also do not think at this time  of our growth, cosmological distinctions are vital for all but those trying to put the puzzle together its an ongoing process. I will review the lecture I mentioned on Avataric Beings and get back to it here. The essential point is the development of pre-clairvoyant discrimination via meditation and study. If we can make these distinctions in thought and feeling and imagination now, I am sure this will carry over into direct visionary experience. The countenance and influence of the Christ may have spoken through various historical spiritual figures but I think it important to remember that it was more of overshadowing than direct incarnation. This confusion leads to many discounting the Christ Being for what It is and how It works and encourage second coming nonsense and identifying the Christ with Matreiya. Just a point of clarity, nothing more.


      starmann77@... wrote:

      pacbay@... writes:
      << My question is : What makes you identify Krishna with Christ? This does
      not seem to make sense from an AP perspective. Obviously, the quote
      points to this but the occult facts do not. This is covered more in the
      short lecture, the Christ Individuality and Leading Avatar Beings by RS. >>

      *******Don't know the lecture. Tell us what it says and maybe I can comment.

      The Christ, as Steiner, Edgar Cayce's readings and Eduard Schure agree, was
      the impelling force behind every religion in the world. Christ was Dionysus
      and a thousand other names. He is the force that lifts the human soul beyond
      what it is merely born as: the second Hypostases of Plotinus, the Being that
      worked through Jehovah, the Divine Son Horus, all incarnations of Vishnu the
      Restorer (the personification of the second Hierarchy).

      So how is that not Krishna? Who is it, you think, who speaks to Arjuna then?

          We see in the St. John lectures Steiner is saying the 6 Elohim of the Sun
      incarnated as Christ. You say elsewhere Steiner descibes Christ differently.
      Well, I'd say use Steiner's own words about comparing sources---he said that
      the initiates describe ESSENTIALLY the same things everywhere but use
      different terms, and one should focus on the similarities, not the
      differences. Sounds like the same situation here.

      I arrived at my insights from using das Gründstein, the second section.

      Dr. Starman

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