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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jun 20, 2006
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      ** We could define the purpose of artificial intelligence as being
      the attempt to mechanically create consciousness. The question is,
      if AI engineers succeed in their purpose, would it be true
      consciousness that they create, or would it be the type of
      consciousness that is already found in mechanical devices such as
      calculators and computer, just on a more sophisticated level? My
      view is that true consciousness cannot be generated by formal logic
      systems or by any other computational type of intelligence that uses
      machine learning, or statistical analysis, or case based reasoning,
      or Bayesian networks. It's the non-material forces of the soul that
      form the only value-relationships worth living for.

      ** The atomic level is information. That is, it is data. Atoms are
      not simply Newtonian balls of energy that whirl around inside their
      own invisible world, producing magnetism, gravitation, light, the
      strong and weak nuclear force---but are "bits" of information that
      continually "inform" physical mass, telling it how to behave.
      Heisenberg made this radical assertion when he paraphrased
      Heraclitus: "Information is indeed the material of which all the
      elementary particles, all atoms and therefore all things in general
      are made, and at the same time information is also that which is
      moved... Information can be transformed into movement, heat, light,
      and tension. Information can be regarded as the cause of all changes
      in the world."

      ** The universe stores data at a two dimensional level---again like a
      computer. The difference is that, within the universe, the data is
      entwined within higher dimensions. Universal memory is an
      infinitely long series of 1's and 0's forever growing as the universe
      gathers more information about itself. Every object in the universe--
      -a floating leaf, a grain of dust, a sun flare, even space-time
      itself---derives its form from the data-imbued impulses streaming
      into the world from an immaterial source of knowledge.