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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jun 1, 2006
      ** I meant for my last post to be sent off list, but must have
      clicked the wrong button. Therefore the post was mailed to
      everyone. This time I'll be more concise.

      MY TWO CENTS was correct interpreting my work "A Ride in the Country"
      as being "trusting innocence" versus "cunning pure evil." That is the
      root meaning to this story, in which a veteran of the gulf war
      (trusting innocence) encounters a sociopathic derelict (cunning
      evil). The two are riding on a railroad train crossing the Kansas
      prairie. The soldier is unable to get off the train (the war on
      terror) because of its relentless pace through the countryside. The
      soldier is trapped. For hours on end he must relate on human terms
      with a sociopath who is subtly trying to destroy him

      ** I never said I was anything but a "new ager." I was raised in a
      new age church (Unity). I read new age literature growing up; my
      parents are both die hard liberal new age Clintonites; I dropped out
      of society at 18 and lived in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains
      for five years, worked construction simultaneous with attending new
      age retreats at JZ Knight's Ancient School Of Wisdom. I've never set
      foot in an orthodox Christian or an evangelical church in my entire
      life. I don't even know what they smell like, nor do I care. The
      reason I attack "the New Age" is because I know it from the inside
      out. I am both their greatest defender and their most aggressive
      attacker. I am the Shiva of the New Age.
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