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    Jun 1, 2006
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      Dear Mathew,

      Indeed your so-called "ramblings" very clearly do carry Anthroposophical truths and in an especially well written and graphic style - I was especially effected by your recent "ramblings" in which you depicted the individual riding on a train after being helped aboard by the strange individual, about whom you maintained a subtle continuing nuance of evil. At the time of reading this work I was especially effected by your balance of "trusting innocence" versus "cunning pure evil" and the ramifications of this particular writing of your's still reverberates within my being.

      I look forward to "Lightening Bolt's" next offering.


      My 2 Cents

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      All my fictional "ramblings" are anthroposophically centered, whether I'm writing from the standpoint of a nihilist alcoholic or I'm writing from the standpoint of a mystic landscape artist. Just because I don't smother my stories in New Age gobbly guke doesn't mean there isn't a profound message underlying my work. I work very hard making sure there's divine meaning in all my stories. Right now I'm working on a story that I've meditated upon for quit a long time now, and finally "the story" has come to be like a flash of lightning from out of the blue. With loving care I'm rendering the story for this group---and only this group. It is a gift.Mathew "lightning bolt" Morrellwww.kcpost.net

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