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  • Sue
    Jun 1, 2006
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      ......To conceptualize the spiritual world as laid out by Rudolf
      Steiner, does not necessarily require a 'visit' as such, across the
      Threshold. With all of the information/indications outlined by Steiner,
      we have a creative/imaginative process which leads us to an awareness
      of this 'unseen world', eg. we don't 'see' Christ, but the
      manifestations of His works. If we are looking for Christ in the
      clouds, we are still thinking materially.

      As it turns out, we do visit the spiritual world every night during
      sleep - a little pralaya for the physical body. I don't need to 'see'
      this world to know it exists and I HAVE to trust that on falling
      asleep, I will wake up again. This is trusting - without the security
      of existence. We have no choice here ( like death) unless we
      artificially interfere in some way or have an illness, we must succumb
      to sleep. We know that something happens during this sleep that will
      sustain us until the next pralaya. Each night we die to the physical
      world only to be reborn anew in the morning. We trust that we WILL wake
      up. This experience is known to every human being. The body lies as if
      dead, while our Ego and Astral Body weave among the vast expanse of
      spiritual beings, according to Rudolf Steiner. One only has to want to
      know more about it and you will find there is so much to read. So the
      body divides itself at sleep - the Spirit/Ego Body - the Being which
      makes us Human -Thinking - and the Astral or Feeling Body, both leave
      our Physical/Etheric/ Life Body to itself and trusting in other unseen
      Beings (Angels) to keep us breathing and alive.

      This also happens during meditation .. the Thinking flies off and
      'forgets' itself ... the Feeling connects to it's memory prior to birth
      ie. the spiritual world and rests. The Will is much more uncontrollable
      , wanting to connect the three back as a united Being .. to plant the
      feet back firmly on the ground. To hold you back. This is my own
      experience. I can't speak of seeing the unseen world as Rudolf Steiner
      did, but I CAN see the deeds of this unseen (spiritual) world. "... and
      they shall be known by their deeds" I can see the Threshold. I see it
      living in humanity as it reaches the precipice. What else IS the
      Threshold, if it's not the meeting of "the 3 Beasts" in Man? FEAR,
      DOUBT and HATE! All of us stand at the Threshold, meeting the Guardian,
      who demands of the Self to choose. But we DOUBT! and we FEAR and we
      HATE. It is only Man who can redeem them! It is only we who can Love.

      Rudolf Steiner has lovingly given us such a wide eyed glimpse of the
      spiritual world in mostly all of his writings and lectures, that we are
      able to first conceptualize (our safety net so to speak) through our
      own understanding and then to trust in that whatever comes to meet us
      from out of the future, is not soul destroying, or worse .. Spirit
      destroying, because we know enough to be able to trust ... without our
      security in existence. Three moral steps forward - one step closer to

      .... Sue.

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