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  • Sue
    May 29 5:20 PM
      Initially, I intended to send the one mail, complete, but my cat
      decided to press a key, which sent the first mail, unfinished, and as I
      tried to retrieve it I accidently sent it again.

      Thank God for your sanity Durward, because from all that I wrote,
      typically, Matthew only read his name. Now I will say to Matthew, that
      once again you have attacked me for voicing my thoughts, which
      incidently was simply a fact and NOT a personal attack. Why does
      everything have to be about you? I have not lied when I called your
      input 'fictional ramblings', because that is exactly what they are. Why
      would that offend you? For as much as you seem to abhor so-called 'new
      age' gobbledy gook, to my mind this is exactly what you represent, even
      unknowingly. I do not see correlations to Anthroposophy at all. This is
      merely a personal observation which I am entitled to. After all, this
      is a STEINER group!

      Thank you Durward for your clarification of the machinations of the
      group, although I still have trouble understanding why people join.

      Aside from the pettiness of all this, I am very interested in gaining a
      greater insight into Astrosophy as this seems to be such an elusive
      area of Anthroposophy. When I read 'Spiritual Hierarchies' , "Planetary
      Spheres " etc., I look at the planetary influences and then try to
      relate it to the natal chart, it presents a very different picture ie.
      from Ptolemaic to Copernicanism. My thoughts are not clear, as I
      struggle with the Precession of the Equinoxes, the idea of Venus and
      Mercury being reversed and that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are in
      our Solar System and yet have no influence on our sojourn on earth. I
      have a picture, although a little blurry about the journey of the soul
      after death, until the midnight sun and we begin our descent once more.
      I guess it's according to our karma, but it seems that we are offered
      gifts from the planets that have their expression through the
      particular zodiac sign that stands behind the planet at the moment of
      conception and or birth. To me, it's like a little suitcase that we
      pick up on our way down, that we carry with us through this incarnation
      which gradually unfolds as we awaken to our own potential. These are
      the gifts or lessons from the Hierarchies which we ourselves have
      chosen as compensation for our deeds between birth and death. This is
      my simplistic understanding of it. How do we reconcile the Precession
      of the Equinoxes? Do we now take the sign BEFORE our birth as the Sun
      sign? From what I can make out, the Moon is the instigator through its
      aspect to other planets ...the sphere of the Angels, the one closest to
      Man. I would appreciate any clarity you may be able to bring to this
      very complex weaving of heavenly signs.


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