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3727Re: Designers behind evolution

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  • Mathew Morrell
    May 9 7:06 PM
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      Well one thing we do know, as occultist, is the effect that desire
      has upon our etheric body---the body that is the most closely
      connected to the physical body and all its processes, including the
      genetic process involved in evolution.

      All the thoughts and emotions that we will are recorded, via our
      astral bodies, into our etheric bodies, almost as if the etheric body
      was a very sophisticated recording device that works on an invisible
      level. In fact, our entire life is recorded within the etheric body,
      down to the minutest detail, every thought and emotion, everything
      seen, touched, felt, heard. When a hypnotist is working on a subject
      he is actually leading the patient into the psychic warehouse called
      the etheric body. When people see their lives "flash before their
      eyes" they're actually seeing a glimpse of their etheric body.

      Therefore, thinking is not an isolated event. Every thought we
      embrace creates a sort of ripple of energy within different levels of
      our psyche. Because of the etheric body's close connection to the
      physical body, these "ripples" of energy have a profound effect upon
      our genetic structure and the way in which it encodes information.
      When we actually produce a change in our DNA that change is passed
      down to our succeeding generation. However, at this level, change
      occurs very slowly. We must measure physical evolution in terms of
      millions of years, and not life times, to see dramatic changes:
      longer necks, longer legs, etc.

      It's the sudden jumps in evolution that are un-accounted for by any
      theory of evolution, be it Darwinism or Lamarckian evolution.

      Mathew Morrell
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