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3724Re: Designers behind evolution

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  • Mathew Morrell
    May 8, 2006

      There is an intelligent design in nature, created by supreme beings, that is encoded in the cellular structure and is pre-determined; and yet, as Starman said, we shouldn't ignore the fact that life forms have will; and that it is the ability of ours to will that continually alters our genetic program through the ages.  Any theory of evolution that does not at least include `the will' as a primary factor within evolvement is flawed and short sighted.  The Lamarckian revolt against Darwinism was based precisely on this argument--- not on the principles of "the survival of the fittest" or of "accidental selection."  In Darwinism, it is an accident that giraffes have long necks.  To Lamarck, giraffes evolved long necks because, on an unconscious level, through desire, they willed their necks to grow longer; food grew scarce and they needed to reach for food on the higher branches of trees in order to survive.  Through successive generations giraffes grew longer and longer necks.  The operatives in the American public school system repress the Lamarckian theory of evolution because it does not conform to the idea that we are shaped by our environment; in other words, it is non-Marxian.  It embraces self determination.


      I, for one, embrace the theory of evolution that involves all three evolutionary principles:  environmentalism (which says life forms are shaped by their environment), self determination (which says they are shaped by their will), and intelligent design (which says we were shaped by higher powers).  All three impulses are actively at work in shaping, not only man, but all life within our universe.  Call it the Goethian Theory of Evolution, if you will.



      Mathew Morrell



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