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3685Quantum Shifts In Consciousness

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Apr 3, 2006
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      Every 2,600 years an epochal-making shift occurs in human history that
      defies all deterministic laws of cause and effect. Without warning,
      new epochs are born---not fabricated. They arise spontaneously, beyond
      our power to conceive them, and from a place too deep to will. As if
      from the cosmos itself the new epoch descends upon the magnetic
      currents of the world, a new idea, a new life, a new personality that
      is not merely an extension of the old, but an entirely New Soul
      radiating a new light and a new life, distinct unto itself. What
      issues from the Cosmos is Time. It is an actual out-rushing of thought
      that elevates the soul, not predictably, not continuously, but
      impulsively to the next level of evolution. Like a quanta of atomic
      energy jumping to the next orbital plane, with no intermediary steps in-
      between, the Greco-Roman civilization came into existence,
      a "conception" rather than a fabrication created determinately from
      preceding events or nature laws. Greece, Egypt, Persia, India---were