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3674Islam is really an heretical Christian sect

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  • sarah
    Mar 18, 2006
      Strangely enough, the Koran actually refers to Jesus as "Jesus The Messiah" in 11 places, yet denies he is! Try the search yourself;  http://www.hti.umich.edu/k/koran/simple.html ('Isa' in Isalm). The Koran/Hadithes contain at least half the book of Matthew, half of Revelation, some of John and some of Paul's letters. The writers of the Koran not only plagiarized the New Testament, but made massive blunders, ie they teach that Christ will return and marry for 40 years, while the original teaching was about the New Jerusalem ('Bride of Christ' which they took literally). The other mistake is where Muhammad says that those who get to heaven will enjoy 'servant boys', which comes from 'child of the vine' - a euphemism for 'grape' or 'wine'. Yet another mistake is that the NT was 'sent down from heaven' ... which Jesus then recited. In one place it says; the NT was already written when Jesus 'received it'. (I can't remember the ref but could probably find it). It is likely Muhammad did not know that the NT was put together in the 4th century. Koran comes from the word 'Kuryana' which is Syriac for 'Christian Lectionary' which is 'recited'. Therefore it is probable that Muhammad misunderstood the context for Christian scripture. 
      The Ebionites were an heretical Christian sect that roamed the Saudi peninsula along with other heretical christian groups. Muhammad's uncle Waraq (the uncle of his first wife) spoke at length to him about Christianity via the Ebionite tradition which rejects Christ dying on the cross and used Matthew gospel and Mosaic Law. It is likely that Muhammad converted to Ebionism and remained one until he had amassed a huge army which then began raiding, looting and conquering its way across the countryside, interspersed with "new teachings" from Allah that abrogated the former Ebionite peaceful ones and supported his many evil acts.
      In fact, as far as I'm aware there are no original teachings that are 'spiritual' in nature. The 'nice' teachings are almost identical to verses in the NT. All other great religions have unique teachings ie Moses, Jesus and Buddha. Islam's only unique teachings are about war and struggle. The Muhammad Archetype continues to work deeply in the Muslim collective unconscious creating a template of spiritual purity, salvation and problem-solving through violence and struggle.
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