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  • Sue
    Feb 27, 2006
      There is a wonderful lecture entitled " The Work of the Angels In
      Man's Astral Body" (GA 182), where Steiner tells us that the
      Heirarchy of Angels who are closest to man and are under the
      guidance of the Spirits of Form (Exusiai), are forming pictures of
      what they desire to achieve with us in future evolution.
      Rudolf Steiner says: " - a threefold truth will be revealed to
      mankind by the Angels."
      "Firstly, it will be shown how his own genuine interest will enable
      man to understand the deeper side of human nature. A time will
      come - and it must not pass unnoticed - when out of the spiritual
      world, men will receive through their Angel, an impulse that will
      kindle a far deeper interest in every individual human being than
      we are inclined to have to-day. This enhanced interest in our
      fellow men will not unfold in the subjective, leisurely way that
      people would prefer, but by a sudden impetus, a certain secret
      will be inspired into man from the spiritual side, namely, WHAT
      THE OTHER MAN REALLY IS . By this I mean something quite
      concrete - not any kind of theoretical conclusion. Men will learn
      something whereby their interest in every individual can be
      kindled. That is the one point - and that is what will particularly
      affect the social life.
      Secondly: From the spiritual world, the Angel will reveal to man
      that, in addition to everything else, the Christ Impulse postulates
      the only true Christianity, is the Christianity which makes
      possible, absolute freedom in the religious life.
      And thirdly: Unquestionable insight into the SPIRITUAL NATURE
      OF THE WORLD."
      When one truly understands Anthroposophy, it becomes
      apparent that we have to awaken from our slumber and begin to
      own responsibility for not only our own spiritual awakening, but
      for the awakening of humanity. Once we begin on this path, there
      is no turning back!
      To understand the plight of the Islamic fervor, there is much to
      discover in "The Mission of the Folk Souls". In fact there is much
      to discover in Anthroposophy if one cares to look, without
      prejudice and sensationalism, but with an open and earnest

      Ahrimanic Beauty
      is ugly
      through loathing
      we become unfree

      Christic Beauty
      is Beauty
      neither repelling
      nor attracting us
      we remain free

      Luciferic Beauty
      is ugly
      through desiring
      we become unfree.

      Michael Howard .. "Art as Spiritual Activity"
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