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  • Mathew Morrell
    Feb 26 8:37 PM
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      ** In her sleep my cousin speaks discernible sentences. This would
      not be significant, if not for the fact that my cousin is severely
      mentally retarded and has never spoken a discernible sentence while
      awake. In her sleep, mental impulses bypass the damaged portion of
      her physical brain and she is able to talk in a state of sleep,
      detached from her physical body. Her ability to think "outside" her
      brain, proves the ancients right: Our mind's exist around our
      bodies, not within the physical brain, but rather in the auras that
      surround us. The physical brain is merely a receiver of sort that
      organizes, assembles and programs thought on the physical level.

      ** In Matthew 5:38, during his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus encourages
      us to transcend our old concepts of morality and justice, to love thy
      enemy and turn the other cheek, instead of seek vengeance. A major
      New York art gallery shows an exhibit that includes a crucifix
      standing in a jar of urine---and we turn the other cheek. An artist
      spreads elephant dung on the Virgin Mary within the same gallery---
      and we seek not vengeance. This exhibition is financed by the
      National Endowment for the Arts, with our tax dollars, and we turn
      the other cheek. Our Lord is blasphemed day by day, year by year,
      with great vindictiveness and hatred. "But I say unto you, That ye
      resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek,
      turn to him the other also." [Matt 5:39.]

      ** In contrast the Old Testament preaches an "eye for an eye." If a
      man removes your eye, his eye shall be removed. It does not say,
      remove both his eyes and kill his family if he removed one of your
      eyes. It says, an eye for an eye. Therefore this edict is just,
      because it stresses equality.

      ** True Islam, the one taught by Mohammed, teaches the Old
      Testament "eye for an eye" justice.

      "And (as for) those who have earned evil, the punishment of an evil
      is the like of itÂ…" --Koran, Surah X: 27

      Outstanding tortures and mass slaughters are only justified under the
      laws of Jihad, when Mohammed's "eye for an eye" is no longer
      relevant. A whole other set of retribution laws are set aside for
      non-Muslims during times of war; leaders of radical Islam take
      advantage of the laws of Jihad to justify their tribalistic forms of
      retribution and torture. Simply plucking out an infidels eye,
      because he has plucked yours out, is not enough for "the tribe"; the
      offender's family is massacred and the offender tortured and killed.
      The morality of tribalism is extremely dangerous and, like a poison,
      has expanded over much of Africa and the Middle East, through
      Wahhabism. So far the West has experienced the horror of tribalism
      only in its urban pockets, where tribalism takes the form of race
      affiliated gangs, i.e. the Bloods and the Crips, or the Hells

      ** Christ says turn the other cheek, if one strikes you. But he
      doesn't say turn the other cheek if your enemy rapes your wife, or
      threatens your nation with destruction, or tries to decapite you if
      you don't kneel on a prayer mat facing Mecca. Be wise as a serpent,
      gentle as a dove.
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