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3655Sleep in the Afterlife

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Feb 13, 2006
      In the elemental world, after death, the etheric body reverses
      direction in relation to the self. Instead of flowing into the
      self, as it does in physical life, after death the etheric body
      flows away from the self; it flows outward into the projections of
      the soul's inner life. The etheric body is very active in the
      elemental world, immersing itself in astral projections, which are
      half-word, half-picture dream images composed of thought.

      In time exhaustion is the natural and inevitable result. We become
      exhausted from the activities of the etheric body, and eventually
      sleep is desired. We no longer want our etheric body immersing
      ourselves in the powerful elemental realities, no matter how
      beautiful or pristine these realities are. Just as in normal waking
      life, we need sleep to empty our souls of thought or to reorganize
      these thoughts so that they no longer burden the soul.

      However, in the afterlife, sleep is an act of will. You will your
      self into a sleep state. People who've taken the time to develop
      their will during their physical life will benefit greatly for their
      efforts in the after life. This is another reason why Steiner kept
      stressing moral/mental/physical exercises that strengthen the will.
      A disciplined life gives the soul the power to withdraw into its
      mystical center, where the soul may refresh and rejuvenate itself.
      While asleep within the mystical center we envelope ourselves in the
      streams of universal love overflowing from the First Cause of all
      life, God. However, if sleep is not consciously willed, the soul
      falls into a sort of unconscious delirium that is highly vulnerable
      to attack by Luciferic or Ahrimanic forces. You not only have to
      fear these archetypes in "the image" but also in your inner states
      of sleep. . . . .