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  • Mathew Morrell
    Feb 11, 2006
      **Yes there's sleep in the afterlife, at least I hope there is. I
      can't sing praise to God 24-7, like the God-channel on cable. I'm
      not a Chinese immigrant convenience store manager. Some of us need a
      break every once in a while, no matter if I'm in heaven or on Earth.
      Even the most pious of us---Tammy Fay Baker included---need oblivion
      now and then, voideness, to dream the dream of nothing. Do you
      expect God's Holy Choir to sing and sing and sing, without
      intermission, for eternity? Steiner writes in "Secrets of the
      Threshold", Pg 83: "After one has lived for a time in the [elemental
      world], one feels the need within oneself to [sleep]." [my

      **We don't need to speak-out for Good Jesus. Good Jesus is spoken
      for. Every major thinker in the last 150 years---CG Jung, Colin
      Wilson, Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Buck Minster Fuller, the midget from
      Fantasy Island---rejects or embraces Jesus on the basis that he is
      super duper good. Well, I say we stand for a different type of
      Jesus---the non-super-duper Jesus, the Jesus of impulse and
      irrationality, the Jesus of evolution and I'AM, the Jesus of the
      Bible. The super-duper-good Jesus is in South Park, CO. He's a talk
      show host, wears sandals and talks like a hippie. The problem is,
      super-duper-good hippies are good for nothing. "Hippies suck,"---

      **Matthew 19:17

      Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
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