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3653RE: Light: The Cosmic Messenger

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  • sarah
    Feb 8, 2006
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      When I did the Foundations course, our teacher told us that there is some
      evidence that humans could not perceive the colour blue before 300BC(?). I
      must do some research on this, because he said that it seemed that the
      ability to perceive blue came after humankind was able to understand The
      Other, as in grasping the Golden Rule, which simultaneously appears in the
      arts at that time. (I might have got the year wrong - bad memory for
      details). Before this time 'blue' sky was seen as 'light grey'.

      Then our teacher said that the next colour that we will perceive is a type
      of violet colour, and that 'grey' that we normally see could possibly be
      'violet', ie elephants, grey clouds, dolphins etc, might not be grey after

      It's just a theory, but it's interesting :-) Anyone heard of it or can add

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