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  • John Massengale
    Feb 2, 2006
      Re: [steiner] Anthroposophy What do people think of this site <http://interdenominationaldivineorder.com/>?

      On 1/23/06 2:25 AM, "Sue" <aquariusrises2001@...> wrote:

      "Christ said: "I am with you always, even unto the end of the
      world." And He is with us not as one who is dead, but as a living
      Being among us, revealing Himself continuously. And only
      people so shortsighted as to fear these revelations can want us
      to stay with what has held good in the past. Those who are not
      cowards know Christ is always revealing Himself; therefore, we
      may accept what He has revealed in the form of anthroposophy
      as a true Christ-revelation. Members have often asked me how
      they can establish a relationship with Christ. This is a naive
      question; for everything we strive for, every line we read of our
      anthroposophical science, is an entering into a relationship with
      Christ. In a certain sense, we really do nothing else. And those
      who seek an additional, special way of entering into a
      relationship with Christ are only naively expressing that they
      would prefer to avoid the more troublesome way of reading and

      "Everything spiritual science can give us will ultimately culminate
      in the Christian view of the world, which will prevail. As I have
      often said, spiritual science does not want to be a new kind of
      religion. Rather it wants to provide the tools for humanity, which
      would otherwise completely fall prey to materialism, to fully
      understand again the spiritual that is contained in Christianity. It
      is absolutely necessary to look with open eyes at our age, and
      that is much more important than any sentimental looking into it."

      Rudolf Steiner.

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