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3617Re: [steiner] 12 Holy Nights

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  • trisha lambert
    Dec 22, 2005
      Although I haven't particpated in them I have done the
      readings and followed the group, this year I'll be
      without a internet connect for most of the holy
      --- DoctorStarman@... wrote:

      > ******* No one has responded to the idea of studying
      > something together for
      > the 12 Holy Nights, an anthroposophic tradition
      > which has become an annual
      > online event here. Last year's response and
      > participation was also tepid. Isn't
      > there any interest? It would be a shame to not put
      > this communication medium to
      > such a Michaelic use, but it's now only 2 days
      > before the time to begin.
      > As those of you know who have been here in past
      > years, there are lots of
      > books and lectures by Steiner available online at
      > the Rudolf Steiner
      > E-Library, The difficulties involved in getting
      > together physically for the 12 Holy
      > Nights ----going to someone's home each night,
      > everyone getting a copy of the
      > book to study--- are no longer an obstacle here. Is
      > no one interested enough to
      > do something here, when it is so easy ?
      > -Starman
      > http://www.DrStarman.com


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