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  • Mathew Morrell
    Oct 9, 2005
      Let me ask a few questions. What's ACIM? a new age group? I've
      never heard of it before. Moreover, why should I read the ACIM post
      two times, as was instructed by Daniel? I can only surmise that ACIM
      was previously discussed in this forum, and that I somehow missed
      reading these posts. Maybe my silence on the subject was offensive
      to some people.

      However, I did not miss reading the ACIM post this time. I read the
      David Hoffmeister extract, and have some comments to make in respect
      to Mr. Hoffmeister's view on sacrifice. His view on this topic is
      the same as most New Age thinkers. The New Age aggressively rejects
      the idea of sacrifice on the grounds that it is simply un-necessary.

      Perhaps it is un-necessary---unless you're a Christian or you follow
      the Western Path. In that case the idea of sacrifice plays a central
      role in the life of the spiritual practitioner. For our aim is not
      mystical Oness---dissolving the self into universal love---but rather
      our goal is the development of individuality, relationships and
      goodness within the field of Time. Not escaping time and
      responsibility, but facing it, the Christian considers his material
      existence a sacrifice unto God.

      "The difference between Christian Mysticism and most Eastern paths
      (as in the case of Buddhism for instance) is that the latter
      generally seeks to rise above Samsara (the sufferings of the world)
      and take rest into the bosom of Eternity....(the Void...Ain Soph)

      "The Judeo/Christian ideally seeks to align their molecules to the
      Spirit of Our Lord and FULFILL the hungers of Time by sacrificially
      uplifting Creation VIA Sacrificial Love.

      "For me, the path of the Christian Mystic is one of prayerful
      contemplation on how to 'make peace with pain' and share this victory
      with others in the Spirit of Our Lord."

      The above passage was written by a member of our forum, Br Ron. To
      read the entire post, please cut and paste the link below into your
      address window.

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