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3540Re: [steiner] etc and the future

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  • Lee A.
    Oct 8, 2005
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      It is interesting to note in the lecture on Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy that the spidery creatures or beings described are not necessary the result of technological development per se but from the continuation of our present thinking patterns and shallow materialistic perceptions of nature. It would make sense that that the thoughts associated with video games, the Internet, etc. could contribute to this. Another image that seems interesting to contemplate is that electrical patterns of all sorts are not just random impulses of electro-magnetism but are organized wave carriers of bits of "information" . These binary or digital wave pulses have a certain organized pattern which reflects the intelligence of the users.. One could speculate that these digital forms could become the bodily energy forms of other beings seeking to interface with the earth. Yet, this is not implied in this article by Steiner.


      In addition,  RS strongly implies (in this lecture) that the moon will reunite with the earth in several thousand years . This is too incredible to contemplate and is another reason that outsiders point to AP being filled with fantasy and abstract claims of its own well!. How such an event could PHYSICALLY take place is hard to imagine in the near futrue. Obvious widespread destruction of the earth would occur and be hardly inhabitable by whoever is left over. Unless the moon changes physically into some other form of substance, this is a an event that needs extensive explanation.


      . Any suggestions?




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