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3513Re: [steiner] The Being of the Internet.

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  • Sue
    Oct 1, 2005
      Dear Sheila,

      As you requested, I have placed the document in the files for all to see.

      You are correct in seeing the lecture of May 13th, 1921 as a re-entitled lecture - it seems to
      have been called " Earth Evolution in the Future." Sadly I do not have a copy here and it wasn't
      to be found in the 'transintelligence' site. Thank you for steering me there, this is a good
      example of utilising the net for our own purposes, i.e. exchange of insightful info ...

      My purpose in drawing attention to this lecture , was not so much Prokofieff's colouring of it,
      but more to question our own involvement with the net. As we exchange 'silent' information,
      through compacted and condensed light, with faceless names and a plethora of dis/mis -
      information, we surely must be aware, as you say, of HOW we utilise this medium of man's
      technology. Are we insulated from Sorat if we keep Michael's mission uppermost in our thinking? Or
      are we deluding ourselves? Maybe it's not so much the HOW, but more the WHY!

      I have to say, I have never had a sense of fear or hopelessness from any of Steiner's writings, as
      he always brought/brings everything back to the individual being responsible for his own future
      and was diligent in his efforts to achieve this on behalf of humanity. For this, I can only bow in
      awe and reverential gratitude. For those of us who embrace Anthroposophy, are we not compelled to
      find Truth in everything that comes to meet us? To question, with clarity in thinking (although I
      readily admit to hazy days) even Steiner himself?

      Indeed it was my mentor ( now 80 years young) who brought my attention to this article, with a
      request to bring it to the group for discussion. I sense fear in people who feel either from
      ignorance or an unwillingness to look stupid, or maybe even apathy, a resistance to offer any
      discourse, preferring instead to passively observe and not venture into this fear ridden 'great
      unknown'. Fear paralyses people ... just as Ahriman wants. It begs the question...just what are we
      afraid of? With Michael as our Guardian and Christ by our side, can we only hope to muddle our way
      through? By participating in this earthly round, with a questioning heart, some clear thinking and
      bringing our own individuality to meet others in a lively exchange of thoughts, we live more in
      freedom, otherwise are we not the servants of Sorat?

      Like you Sheila, I too am saddened by the fractures in the Society/Movement, but it also means
      that people are starting to think for themselves, this I find hopeful. Steiner surely hoped for
      this - in fact prepared for this. He saw the futility in man against man and sadly saw his beloved
      Anthroposophy fall into 'sleep' after his passing. Now this secret lies open and we surely must
      consciously work in the service of Michael to renew Anthroposophy with a new awareness of it's
      role within the guidance of mankind. Surely too, we must look the Beast in the eye and not be
      afraid. We sacrifice ourselves to the service of Michael.

      Is this merely a Luciferic dream? The alternative? Ahriman's hopelessness! Within this wavering to
      and fro .. we find the fulcrum ... Christ! How do we know Christ when we see Him? You will know!
      Even Sorat - especially Sorat - knows the Christ Being. He can disguise himself as Him.
      Anthroposophy should be the vehicle for this LIVING Christ. He too is bound to the etheric world -
      and the earth - just like Lucifer and Ahriman .. although Ahrimans domain is sub nature and purely
      form. Nevertheless, in this light condensed world of the computer .. can we not use this medium to
      carry the Living Word? Then rather the Beast and not us, would be forever locked in an "occult

      Of course through the prosaic nature of the computer, we can actually feel the contraction of our
      being .. withdrawing more and more into our own little worlds, never entering the social sphere...
      not even to oppose, let alone discuss. Are we happy in our little worlds? Or are we so distracted
      with our own inwardness, that we deny the door that leads outward? Christ said..." I am the door!"

      I noticed a long time ago a trend which developed early in Anthroposophy's life , toward a denial,
      in the general perception of Anthroposophy, of the Christ Impulse. I have heard many people say
      ..." Oh, I didn't know it was Christian!" .. with such indignation as if they were surreptitiously
      hoodwinked. I don't recall Rudolf Steiner ever having understated the profound significance of
      the 'great turning point in Time.' Even though he saw religion as another branch of Anthroposophy
      it is undeniably Christian. It is the very heart of Anthroposophy ( a side discussion on the role
      of the Christian Community could be enlivening) Every time the Beast grabs us around the throat -
      we remember -- " not I, but the Christ in me!"

      Maybe the "ginned pastor" ..lol... Mathew Morrell might sing " shine his everloving light on

      Peace and Love ........as always


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