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  • Mathew Morrell
    Sep 27, 2005
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      It is my contention that Jesus is but one entity. And that entity is
      the Luke Jesus. The Luke-Jesus was the Ego of Christ, and thereby is
      the Jesus we mean when we reference our Savior. The other Jesus (of
      the Solomon line) was used merely to impart knowledge to the Luke
      Jesus via his astral body.

      The astral-body contains the imaginary and intellectual life of
      consciousness but is not consciousness itself, the I AM. The Luke
      Jesus is the One who washed his robe in the blood of the lamb, the
      Man who suffered the scourges of Roman and Jewish whips, the One who
      was hung mercilessly on the cross at Golgotha, who cried for the
      salvation for all mankind, who suffered, laughed, cried, desired,
      willed, danced, drank, ate, and finally died that we may be saved
      through his sacrifice. The idea that Jesus was two people is true
      only to the extent that the Solomon-Jesus was an inner source of
      knowledge and power, but a power under Luke-Jesus's command.

      Of the first to recognize Jesus's Solomonic knowledge, according to
      the Bible, were the Hebrew rabbis in Jerusalem. Suddenly the meek,
      mild, innocently-radiant little boy of Jerusalem started exposing
      powerful, arcane knowledge that he taught as the rabbis listened in
      awe and amazement. The strange event merged together two opposite
      life-lines running parallel to each other through the Bible, one in
      the Luke Gospel and one the gospel of Matthew, both seemingly in
      contradiction with the other and irresolvable.

      The "Dead Sea Scrolls" call the two Jesus' The Messiah of Aaron and
      the Messiah of Israel: the priestly Messiah and the kingly Messiah.

      Most Christians would be revolted by the idea that Jesus was some
      kind of composite being or a fabric of personalities sewn together
      like a rag doll. That idea doesn't resonate with my experience of
      Christ, as well---and I think it didn't with Rudolph Steiner. I
      believe his words have been misinterpreted, in other words. He
      taught that the astral body of the "Jesus of Egypt" was absorbed by
      the "Luke Jesus" in order to prepare him for the monumental trials
      that he endured in his life time, and without which he would not have
      been fully capable of expressing the Christ impulse with such
      perfection. But that doesn't mean Jesus was two different, opposing
      personalities, two I AMs.

      The Trinity of Jesus can be summarized as follows.

      One Ego (God), One Hypostases (Jesus, unifying the human and divine
      natures), Two Natures (the human and the divine).