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  • Pierre Gringoire
    Sep 6, 2005
      > Did Steiner ever talk about Tesla?

          I'm not sure whether Steiner spoke about Tesla directly.  He did however speak about a form of energy which has been associated with Tesla's name.  This form of energy is sometimes referred to as 'Vril', after the name given to it by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.  Bulwer-Lytton's novel of the same name appeared in 1871, and was, I believe, the first public mention of this form of power.  The novel is a bit flat, but includes indications of both the capability of the power and the means by which is can be made manifest.  In the novel, 'Vril' powers generators and automatons by means of energy coming from members of a developed race of beings.

          Although the idea was presented in novel form, there were many, including Steiner, who regarded it as no mere fantasy.  Blavatsky was aware of 'Vril', and mentions it in 'Isis Unveiled'.  C. G. Harrison also spoke about it in 'The Transcendental Universe', although with great reservation.  His view was that the release of this force would be a curse rather than a blessing for mankind.  It would constitute, he said:

          "...placing in the hands of the rich a power which would enable them to dispense with nine-tenths of the labour which at present ministers to their wants, and, at the same time, provide them with the means of instantly crushing any hostile demonstration on the part of the unemployed majority, who would then be entirely at their mercy.  Such a power in the hands of a few individuals would inaugurate a state of things too appalling to contemplate." (p82)

          There is little doubt he was referring to the same power outlined in Bulwer-Lytton's novel.  This is not nuclear power, but one based on an understanding of the etheric.  There are some who think that John Worrell Keely was a pioneer of this form of power.  Others claim that Tesla was also experimenting with it.  Much of Tesla's work was based on the energy that can be gleaned from oscillations (neon lighting, for example).  Tesla is also credited with inventing robots.  He was aware of the Bulwer-Lytton novel but denied he had been inspired by it.  Some think Tesla's work went far beyond this, with disastrous results (see ' Tunguska').

          Steiner spoke about this form of energy in the series of lectures entitled 'The Challenge of the Times', in connection with certain secret societies and their influence in the West:

          "Every knowing member of these secret circles is aware that, solely by means of certain capacities that are still latent but evolving in man, and with the help of the law of harmonious oscillations, machines and mechanical constructions and other things can be set in motion.  A small indication is to be found in what I connected with the person Strader in my Mystery Dramas" (p93).  He then goes on to reiterate C. G. Harrison's remarks (almost word for word) about the misuse of such knowledge.

          This brings us to the main point of concern; the relationship between humanity and technology.  Technology is amoral.  A knife can be used equally by a surgeon and a murderer; fire can kill germs as well as human beings.  The great 'progress' in the West is based on technological prowess alone, not on moral superiority.  What is more, technological development has diverted attention away from the need for moral development.  Anyone who doubts this only has to look at the complete breakdown of order that occurred in New Orleans this past week.

          There are reports (see Marc Seifer's biography) that, when Tesla died, the FBI siezed all the scientific papers in Tesla's possession.  Whether Tesla had really discovered 'Vril' power or had simply developed a number of weapons based on his developed knowledge of electricity is open to question.  His understanding of electricity and its potential was indeed considerable.  There is much discussion about 'HAARP', its purpose, and its connection with Tesla.

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