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  • LilOleMissy
    Sep 6 9:50 AM
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      John, to the best of my knowledge, for what it's worth, I don't recall ever encountering Nicole Tesla's name in any of Steiner's lectures, although he, Steiner, spoke about electricity very much and from very many perspectives, including The Double. Please don't take my poor recollections as final, though. Tesla's influence turned out to be incredibly enormous, and one wonders what he destroyed as being too dangerous for mankind to have recourse to, or what "mechanism" was available to him to withstand some of his experiments! Years ago I took advantage of visiting Tesla's work in the, if I remember correctly, Lakawanda Power Station over the Niagara River. Old even at that time, it was a marvel of advanced electrical engineering and potential from a materialistic standpoint.  

      As a sidenote to Sue: Your wise heartfelt words of wisdom regarding art are indeed welcomed enormously as are all your warm comments! Yes, I live in the US near Monterey, California and studied Carl Steggmann's "The Other America" years ago. At the time, he was also heavily involved in deeply spiritual and beautiful watercolors, a display of which I was given the opportunity to view in private [no one else chanced by the studio at the time :)  ]  Carl was, unless I err here, a CC Priest and very deeply loved as was Mrs. Steggmenn, both of whom had much to do with the creation of R.S. College in Fair Oaks, California, which is a section, so to say, of Sacramento, 200 miles NNE of me.  

      Now it's off to duties I haven't found a way to squeak out of! ACK!



      On Sep 6, 2005, at 8:25 AM, John Massengale wrote:

      Did Steiner ever talk about Tesla?



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