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  • Hithcalen
    Sep 6, 2005
      I interpret St. in this way. He said, if I remember it well, that the force that will be discover in the near future will be a force of destruction (in relation with etheric) and the more this force will be use the more spirituelized the world will be, cause this force aims to destruct the planet and then to accelerate the the spiritual rising...[I did not find back the the exact quote]
      (should be in the science course about UNDER-ETHERIC wolrd, or in the Strader machine GA)

      DoctorStarman@... wrote:

      Hithcalen <hithcalen@y...> wrote:
      >Nuclear seems to be the answer to oil problem. As said Steiner, the
      more spiritualized the world will be the more nucrear energy production
      there will be.
      Thanks for replying to the subject.  I'm interested in the topic of
      nuclear energy, but am curious as to how Steiner could have
      referenced "nuclear energy production" when nuclear energy wasn't
      discovered until the 1930s.

      *******Yes, I'd sure like to see THAT one. Reminds me of the fellow in Australia who claimed Steiner verified Edgar Cayce's earth changes predictions when Cayce didn't even start making them till after Steiner's death.


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