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  • Joel
    Sep 3 5:08 AM
      I love it when people claim racial profiling isn't a bad thing (in
      fact it's "common sense"!) when they aren't in the group proposed to
      be profiled. No, I'm not of Middle Eastern descent either.
      Let me ask you a question though Mathew - if after Tim McVeigh and
      the Unabomber committed their acts it was proposed that all white
      males should be strip-searched since obviously all white males were
      suspect, how would you have felt? Think that's appropriate? Still
      think that calling for racial profiling is anything other than
      allowing your understandable concern about more terrorist attacks to
      lure you down the path into error? The divisive forces are laughing,
      when we do their work for them so well.
      Have courage, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@j...> wrote:
      > ***Thanks for supplying the informative essay on New Orleans. Our
      > hearts go out to our colorful, cultural neighbor to the south.
      > Healing will begin when we all pitch in and help in some way,
      > through volunteering or money donations or through prayer.
      > societies are based on people helping people (charity).
      > ***We want your musicians! All you displaced New Orleans musicians
      > have a home in KC. Since Duke Ellington died, the quality of
      > City jazz has declined to the point where jazz has become an
      > advertising image. Early this summer me and my dad spent one
      > night "hopping" from jazz bar to jazz bar, listening to music, and
      > was disappointing. Maybe New Orleans will let us borrow a few,
      > jazz ensembles. We could sure use them.
      > ***I'd like to congratulate England on their new anti-terror
      > legislation. They've been attacked once and already they're ten
      > years ahead of America in terms of coping with Islamic terrorism.
      > England, and Europe at large, took the following step.
      > Racial Profiling. It seems as if there's a common denominator in
      > terrorism: race. So far, men of Middle Eastern descent are the
      > responsible for the string of attacks in England, America, Spain
      > Russia. Irish nuns aren't blowing themselves up in railway
      > stations. Neither are Chinese Buddhists, so why strip-search
      > Why should our women and children suffer the indignity of being
      > stripped naked before airport security, when we know they're not
      > ones committing terror acts? Random strip searches are an inept
      > attempt to catch terrorists, when resources and man power could be
      > more efficiently employed through racial profiling. This is common
      > sense.
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