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  • Mathew Morrell
    Sep 1, 2005
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      The abundance of new age material centered on the anus is a curious
      phenomenon, indeed. Walk into a Unity bookstore and you'll most
      likely discover a title covering colon health, or cleansing your
      colon, or intestinal tidiness. They may even stock enema kits. I
      once had a Ramtha roommate who stuck my hose up her butt and gave
      herself an enema in my back yard. That's when I started to make the
      connection. New Agers are strangely fixated with the anus.

      Freud would have had a field day were he alive now, in the age of the
      New Age mystic with their ass washing kits and their colon health

      According to Freud, we enter the "Anal Stage" between the age of 12
      to 18 months, when the child's sense of pleasure goes from the mouth
      to the anus. The shift from oral gratification to anal gratification
      represents a shift in the development of the ego. The pleasure a
      child derives from expelling and withholding feces is intimately
      entwined with toilet training: coming to terms with societies
      controls over our bodies.

      New Agers never quit mastered the Anal Stage, which would explain
      their socio-sexual-political outlook.