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  • Mathew Morrell
    Aug 5 2:10 PM
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      ## Is it any wonder why European skinheads have seized tormenting
      Muslims? Whereas Muslims were the #1 harassment targets for European
      skinheads in the 1990s, now such attacks are rare to the point of non-
      existent. The European skinhead movement has awakened to the fact
      that their own ideologies are identical in some respects with those
      ideologies preached by radical imams. Both share a hatred of Judaism
      and conventional Christianity, as well as hatred of democracy, and
      contempt for Israel and the United States of America. Consequently a
      strange alliance has formed, or rather reformed after a long hiatus.
      The Ahrimanic-inspired Nazi movement and radical Islam share a
      historical connection dating back to World War II, when Hitler gained
      massive support from Muslim Hanschar brigades in Yugoslavia.
      Hitler's National Socialism radically transformed political
      organization throughout the Middle East, including Muslim Brotherhood
      (founded in Egypt in 1928), Nasser`s Young Egypt movement, the Social
      Nationalist Party of Syria founded by Anton Sa`ada, and the Ba`ath
      Party of Iraq. Now we can add the neo-Nazi Skinheads of Europe and

      ## Rock started with the simple, archaic, life-affirming rhythms of
      its early pioneers, having assimilated country music, gospel, and the
      blues into a new rhythmic genre.

      Since then rock'n roll has grown and expanded and branched off into
      cycles that include the fast, speed picking of "surf music", the
      stoned melodies of acid rock, The Beatles, the Beach Boys, the acid
      induced, spectral colors of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, then to the
      classical structure of Black Sabbath and the 1980s heavy metal
      explosion. The last stage is Punk. Not life-affirmation, but life-
      failure, pity, remorse, sadness, hatred, resentment, extremes in all
      emotions, are all feelings that penetrate the last cycle in the life
      of rock n' roll. Rock has exhausted its potential. It has become
      Punk, a micro-cycle beginning in 1960s New York and England and
      reaching its fullest expression in the muddy power cords of the
      Seattle grunge scene; in the genius of Kurt Kobain, the great nay-
      sayer!; in the power that celebrates violence and revolution as
      opposed to transmutation and change. Rock is dead. Like all
      cultural cycles its End is in disbelief, nihilism, and crypto-Leftist

      Nihilism: the last stage of all cultural cycles, the thin, stifling
      air in which creativity dies.
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