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  • livinintheburbs
    Aug 2, 2005
      Hi all, I am new to the list and was going back through some of the
      posts to see what I could learn and saw this discussion of what
      Steiner means by moral impressions or moral feelings. The following
      is from his primer How to Know Higher Worlds where he addresses this

      "Just as the sun's rays vivify everything living, so does reverence
      in the student vivify all feelings of the soul. It is not easy, at
      first, to believe that feelings like reverence and respect have
      anything to do with cognition. This is due to the fact that we are
      inclined to set cognition aside as a faculty by itself — one that
      stands in no relation to what otherwise occurs in the soul. In so
      thinking we do not bear in mind that it is the soul which exercises
      the faculty of cognition; and feelings are for the soul what food is
      for the body. If we give the body stones in place of bread, its
      activity will cease. It is the same with the soul. Veneration,
      homage, devotion are like nutriment making it healthy and strong,
      especially strong for the activity of cognition. Disrespect,
      antipathy, underestimation of what deserves recognition, all exert a
      paralyzing and withering effect on this faculty of cognition. For
      the spiritually experienced this fact is visible in the aura. A soul
      which harbors feelings of reverence and devotion produces a change
      in its aura. Certain spiritual colorings, as they may be called,
      yellow-red and brown-red in tone, vanish and are replaced by blue-
      red tints. Thereby the cognitional faculty is ripened; it receives
      intelligence of facts in its environment of which it had hitherto no
      idea. Reverence awakens in the soul a sympathetic power through
      which we attract qualities in the beings around us, which would
      otherwise remain concealed."

      "If the attention be frequently fixed on the phenomena of growing,
      blooming and flourishing, a feeling remotely allied to the sensation
      of a sunrise will ensue, while the phenomena of fading and decaying
      will produce an experience comparable, in the same way, to the slow
      rising of the moon on the horizon. Both these feelings are forces
      which, when duly cultivated and developed to ever increasing
      intensity, lead to the most significant spiritual results. A new
      world is opened to the student if he systematically and deliberately
      surrenders himself to such feelings. The soul-world, the so-called
      astral plane, begins to dawn upon him."

      I'm happy to find this list and hope to have some enlivening
      discussions about Steiner with you all.

      Regards, Anne N.
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