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3289Re: [steiner] Revelations 12:16

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  • Pierre Gringoire
    Jul 13, 2005
      > Instead of pink teddy bears and insipid candle light vigils,
      > we should see the men of England stand up and enact laws
      > that will stop the flood of illegal immigration.

           Illegal immigration is a right-wing political issue.  I have no problem with right-wing (or left-wing) issues being raised on this list but I think there should be an attempt to show how they relate to Anthroposophy.  If the discussion is to be Anthroposophical rather than political, then the demonising of other cultures is simply the wrong approach to take in matters like this.

           The reason we live in such times is because of our karma; in other words, becauae of what we have engendered for ourselves through our past incarnations.  To suggest that we can deal with karma by physically isolating ourselves from what we regard as 'diabolical' influences is simply to miss the point.

           When Steiner spoke "Arabism in Europe" he was talking about Arab souls incarnating into European bodies, not Arabs immigrating into Europe.  Arabism in Europe gave rise to Materialism and to the continuing influence of Romanism on the Catholic Church; in other words, Arabism in Europe is Western culture itself, not something foreign to it.  The call for tighter border control is based on the assumption that Western culture is somehow intrinsically 'good'.  To see the world in this way is to ignore the fact that Western culture is based directly on Materialism, on its principles and beliefs.  The materialistic culture of the West is at best a necessary evil, and not some Christian beacon of light.

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