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3265[steiner] Unexemplified Examples

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jun 30, 2005
      Now that we've taken our jabs, we can be straight with each other.
      What is it that you want me to prove? I don't understand.

      I wrote: "The tying together of historical time and spiritual events
      is distinctive to apocalyptic religions, mainly Christianity."

      Your reply to this statement was: "Ok, prove it then - give just one
      historical example."

      I provided a list of examples. Maybe they were not what you wanted
      to hear. Scores of "events" fill the Bible, the primary one being
      the Event of Golgotha. This occurred c. 2000 years ago: the
      crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord. Golgotha was not a
      metaphor. It was a historical fact, but one that can only be proven
      and verified through spiritual introspection.

      The same applies for all other "events" in the Bible. I don't think
      I or anyone could supply the type of hard evidence that is required
      to prove the physical reality of the event at Golgotha or the Michael
      Event or the future incarnation of Ahriman, especially since they
      occur on the spiritual dimension. Even the anti-Christ would be
      impossible to prove if he were standing right before you—unless you
      had "eyes to see" his appearance on the Etheric Plane.

      Until I know exactly what you mean by "provide an example" I can't
      help you anymore than this. Maybe Starman can. In fact, where in the
      hell is he? He's the expert on RS.

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