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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jun 30, 2005
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      Oops, in my haste to finish my last post I forgot to add a response
      to Frater's comment on the War in Heaven.

      Obviously, there are two wars mentioned in the Bible. One is in the
      Old Testament, concerning the fall of Lucifer. The other one is in
      the Book of Revelation, concerning the fall of Satan (or Ahriman),
      the Great Dragon. [REV. 12: 7] The first occurs in our distant path
      and the second was prophesied by John when he wrote the Book of
      Revelation. This is basic Bible knowledge.

      In the appendix of "The Archangel Michael", by Steiner, you'll find
      Johannes Trithemius's treatise on the seven secondary causes that
      move the "spheres" according to God's plan for the universe. I
      posted this treatise on my Internet site, if you don't have the

      Trithemius details each round and epoch in human evolution and how
      they correspond with the Intelligences, or Spirits, who move the
      Universe according to God's plan. This book, I think, might help
      people understand Steiner's view on many subjects, including the Book
      of Revelation. Each Archetype rules for basically 365 years.

      If the Michael Age begun c. 1888 then we can expect it to last until
      2253, approximately.
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