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3220Re: [steiner] rhythm VS. routine

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    Jun 5, 2005
      In a message dated 6/3/2005 2:35:25 AM Eastern Standard Time, leslierussell1@... writes:

      rhythm VS. routine question...

        I am a typically a lurker but I had an interesting conversation this evening that I would like some feedback on.Basically it started as strengthening the will forces.My take being that through rhythm (among other things) this is possible.The argument then went somewhat Castaneda as far as "routine" being binding and therefore rendering one inflexible.

        This may seem at first glance to be semantics but i would still appreciate input.I should also point out that I (like many others) have come to Steiner through Waldorf education.I have a mothers perspective but believe that with my attempt to establish rhythm in the household we have all benefited.Thank you for any input.

      Leslie Russell

      *******I would say it's a question of consciousness and whether a pattern is internally or externally motivated. If we follow routines imposed on us by our society, our jobs, etc., we become like robots. But when we choose to take up a sequence of actions voluntarily that nothing compels us to do----like meditating regularly or doing things to celebrate the festivals/seasons, or anything that the external world doesn't impose----then we gradually establish a rythm which we have CHOSEN to establish. That's not a robotic routine but rather an ordering of the etheric body.

         The rythmic system, the middle one, is the weak link in modern-day man. This is why our thinking pole and willing pole are so easily disconnected. Anything done to consciously establish rythms is healthful.


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