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  • LilOleMissy
    Jun 4, 2005
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      rhythm VS. routine question...
        I am a typically a lurker but I had an interesting conversation this
      evening that I would like some feedback on.Basically it started as
      strengthening the will forces.My take being that through rhythm (among
      other things) this is possible.The argument then went somewhat
      Castaneda as far as "routine" being binding and therefore rendering
      one inflexible.
        This may seem at first glance to be semantics but i would still
      appreciate input.I should also point out that I (like many others)
      have come to Steiner through Waldorf education.I have a mothers
      perspective but believe that with my attempt to establish rhythm in
      the household we have all benefited.Thank you for any input.
      Leslie Russell
      Dear Leslie,

      I'm not sure I have the knowledge to respond properly to your interesting inquiry, plus the fact that I may be misinterpreting your question. Please let me hear should I be misinterpreting? :)

      It seems to me this may involve the Will Exercise of the six "basic exercises", which, as you so rightly state above, is to strengthen the Will Forces of the Soul. I'm glad you brought this point up, and especially so since I've never connected this with inflexibility, although I should have. Until or unless I learn better, I'll assume this involves the planning ahead of time to perform a definite action every day at a specific time? If so, I've always understood the point of this method is, among other things, to train the human Will so that one doesn't vascillate, put off, forget to do this or that or to simply be "weak-willed". If that is the point of this Will Exercise, then it would seem that one must adhere to a predetermined action each day. It seems to me this would be incapable of inducing inflexibility, assuming one does this exercise as Steiner outlined, i.e.   including it along with the other soul exercises which gives a well rounded Balance. Perhaps this is what is missing in our conversation here? Balance?

      In regard to using rhythm for this Will Exercise, assuming this is indeed the goal in question, I wonder what effect rhythm would have on strengthening the human will? It seems to me a rhythmic approach could leave one without a "set goal", so to say, but more of a vascillation and unsteadiness of the will forces, thereby defeating the purpose of the exercise. Am I confusing my interpretation of rhythm [e.g. weaving, undulating, changing, etc.] with what is actually a different interpretation of rhythm?

      This is interesting! In all honesty, I was hoping one of the more advanced members of our group would respond, but for what it's worth, let's give my muddled reply a hearing with any needed corrections?



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