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  • bscaro
    Jun 4, 2005
      Well, letters to Sievers about Reuss, then, I'll clarify that.

      But there's no conspiracy about this at all. I have no interest in
      proving anything about Steiner's OTO 'membership'.

      > > I for one do focus on things Steiner wrote, which obviously don't
      > > up with your ideas about him, but there you go.
      > > But I don't think anyone's disputing that his letters to Reuss
      > > aren't BY him. If you are, I'd surely like to know. ....
      > >
      > *******Apparently you didn't see Joel's post giving the link to the
      web site
      > that settles the matter. So here it is again. It says there are no
      > from Steiner to this fellow.
      > http://www.defendingsteiner.com/articles/rs-reuss.php
      > Here's some excerpts from it:
      > > "After decades of incomplete media reports and propaganda efforts
      > > partial parties regarding Rudolf Steiner's alleged membership in
      Theodor Reuss'
      > > German lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis, for the first time, the
      archive of
      > > Rudolf Steiner's probate opened its vault (for the book "Der
      Grosse Theodor
      > > Reuss Reader"), thereby giving historians the ammunition needed
      to finally put
      > > the matter to rest (extant are 4 letters of Reuss to Steiner and
      21 of Reuss to
      > > Marie von Sivers. Steiner's letters to Reuss are missing or never
      existed; 4
      > > drafts of Sivers to Reuss survive. Reproduced in "Der Grosse
      Theodor Reuss
      > > Reader" is the Contract, the Edict of Reuss to Steiner, and two
      > > concerning Franz Hartmann.)
      > > There is no evidence that Rudolf Steiner ever accepted anything
      from Theodor
      > > Reuss with the sole exception of Reuss's permission to use the
      > > "Misraim". There exists no evidence nor any documentation which
      made Steiner a member
      > > of the Ordo Templi Orientis."
      > Koenig, Peter-R. "Rudolf Steiner and Theodor Reuss" The Ordo Templi
      > > Phenomenon. 8 Jan 2004
      > Steiner's commentary on the issue as written in his Autobiography
      is also
      > interesting:
      > > Even in this sphere we broke with the ancient traditions. Our
      work was
      > > carried on as work must be carried on if one investigates in
      spiritual-content in
      > > an original manner according to the requirements of full clarity
      in the
      > > mind's experience. The fact that the starting-point for all sorts
      of slanders was
      > > found in certain attestations which Marie von Sievers and I
      signed in
      > > linking up with the historic Yarker institution means that, in
      order to concoct
      > > such slanders, people treated the absurd with the grimace of the
      serious. Our
      > > signatures were given as a “form.” The customary thing was
      thus preserved. And
      > > while we were giving our signatures, I said as clearly as
      possible: “This is
      > > all a formality, and the practice which I shall institute will
      take over
      > > nothing from the Yarker practice.”
      > It is obviously easy to make the observation afterwards that it
      would have
      > been far more
      > > “discreet” not to link up with practices which could later be
      used by
      > > slanderers. But I would remark with all positiveness that, at the
      period of my
      > > life here under consideration, I was still one of those who
      assume uprightness,
      > > and not crooked ways, in the people with whom they have to do.
      > > spiritual perception did not alter at all this faith in men. This
      must not be misused
      > > for the purpose of investigating the intentions of one's fellow-
      men when
      > > this investigation is not desired by the man in question himself.
      In other cases
      > > the investigation of the inner nature of other souls remains a
      > > forbidden to the knower of the spirit; just as the unauthorized
      opening of a letter
      > > is something forbidden. And so one is related to men with whom
      one has to do
      > > in the same way as is any other person who has no knowledge of
      the spirit.
      > > But there is just this alternative â€" either to assume that
      others are
      > > straight-forward in their intentions until one has experienced
      the opposite, or else
      > > to be filled with sorrow as one views the entire world. A social
      > > with men is impossible for the latter mood, for such co-operation
      can be
      > > based only upon trust and not upon distrust.
      > Rudolf Steiner, The Course of My Life.
      > *******This is a group for the study of Steiner and his
      > Any further attempts to link him to extraneous and irrelevant other
      movements or
      > individuals for the purpose of implying their similarity, equality
      or even
      > that Steiner was derivative of them, will merely show that someone
      is not here
      > for the study of Steiner. They will then be invited to go elsewhere
      and start
      > their own group to study old rituals or secret societies or
      whatever it is they
      > really want to study.
      > This thread is closed. New ones about Steiner and anthroposophy
      > encouraged.
      > -starman
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