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  • bscaro
    Jun 3, 2005
      I do wonder who those 'nuts' might be, LOL.

      I for one do focus on things Steiner wrote, which obviously don't line
      up with your ideas about him, but there you go.

      But I don't think anyone's disputing that his letters to Reuss etc
      aren't BY him. If you are, I'd surely like to know.

      Expand the light, as they say . . . enquiring minds want to know.


      Fra Ben

      > I just bought a newer book of Steiner lectures that might interest the
      > conspiracy nuts who post messages in this group about Steiner's links
      > to...to...whatever.
      > "Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double."
      > How's that?
      > (Let's not tell these guys that they won't find what they think
      > they're looking for in this book, but in the process they might
      > actually read something BY Steiner instead of things ABOUT
      Steiner. ;) .)
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