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3183Re: [steiner] Who is that masked man?

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    May 25, 2005
      tma4cbt@... writes:

      Actually, Starman is not a person, per se.  He's an archetype who
      battles the forces of evil.  By day he works as a tax consultant, but
      by night he dons very tight pants and a cape and walks the streets of
      major cities, catching bad guys, fighting crime, etc.  His secret
      power comes from the stars themselves, hence his name.  Starman
      channels the power of the stars through an ingenious device called
      a "gravity rod" that acts as a sort of laser, but also offers the
      power of levitation.  (Major automobile companies in America are
      covertly working with Starman in order to develop "gravity rod"
      technologies.)  If you're interested in seeing his picture, click the
      link below.

      This is how he looks at night, in full costume:  cgw.pennnet.com/

      This is how he looks during the day: http://www.kcpost.net/elib.htm

      *******Well, I couldn't open that link, but I hope you got the right picture. People are always confusing me with Dr. Fate or the Spectre.

         And to update our bios, I'm now going out with Black Canary. ;-)


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