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3153Steiner Rosicrucian Transmission

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  • fratermaui
    May 6, 2005
      Dear students of Anthroposophy

      At my website you will find some notes on Rudolf Steiner and his
      private Rosicrucian activities which are not well publisized. In
      1913 Steiner passed on his Rosicrucian Transmission onto Robert
      Felkin and we still hold this transmission today.

      For interested students we are still operating this transmission
      based upon the ceremonies given by Steiner and a series of aura
      documents form the foundation of our teachings. Our Rosicrucian
      Cyber Collge can be found at:


      Steiner was however not the origin of this transmission, he was only
      elected as head chairperson over the order for several years (see
      History page). Much of these teachigns provided a basis for some of
      his leading thoughts.

      Please feel free to visit and ask any questions on our forum

      in LVX Samuel