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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    Apr 15, 2005
      katmoon@... writes:

      This brings many questions to mind. Does the conscience mind end
      after death? What happens when a person is murdered or dies
      suddenly? From experience I do know that a person's soul lingers
      with the body for a while.
      My main question is what happens to the conscience mind after death?

      ******The conscious mind after death still exists, it is just conscious of other content than what we see and hear with our physical eyes and ears, just as it is each night in sleep, in the dream state (on the astral plane).
         Even when you are being introspective and contemplating your feelings or memories, to the point where you are paying almost no attention to sound and other sense-inputs, you are conscious without much influence from the physical body; you are then conscious but paying all your attention to the 'etheric' body.
          That's what you do in the first 2 or 3 days after death, when you are absorbing the memory-pictures of the entire life just lived. When you have a near-death experience, this is the 'life flashing before your eyes'  that people recall. We 'digest' this memory-tableau, and as we do so, we usually dissolve the etheric body of life-forces back into the earth's etheric world. All that remains is an extract of the life just lived, which is what forms the 'causal' body, which causes our karma to be carried forward from that life.
          Then we enter a period of time typically about one-third the life just lived, where we go back over the life and let go of all our attachments to the earth plane so we can move forward. This is called our time in 'Purgatory' in Christian doctrine, or 'Kama Loca' in Hinduism. The mind is then conscious of the 'astral' body or soul, which is what we live in then, without the physical body or the body of life force. The mind is conscious then not only of images of the life just lived, but the reality behind those images. Every hurt you caused another, now you feel the effects of your action on the other being.
          Meditation is a vastly increased form of this introspective consciousness, where you are fully alert but not paying attention to the body and the senses. The meditation exercises involving picturing make us conscious of the etheric body, those involving moral purification/ethics/feeling & will are to make us conscious of the astral. The more we do these exercises on earth, the stronger our consciousness is after death.
           People who are complete materialists go through the after-death state as if blind and deaf, unable to participate in it much, because during life they made themselves dependent on the physical body for their consciousness, and so now are unable to be conscious at all. As they sleepwalked though life, living in illusions, so then they sleep-walk through the next world. This has a negative effect in their next life.

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