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3143Re: Embalming, Bailey ETC

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  • kathy
    Apr 15, 2005
      This brings many questions to mind. Does the conscience mind end
      after death? What happens when a person is murdered or dies
      suddenly? From experience I do know that a person's soul lingers
      with the body for a while.

      My main question is what happens to the conscience mind after death?

      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, DoctorStarman@a... wrote:
      > > Here is what Alice Bailey says about cremation and embalming:
      > > “Occultly speaking, cremation is needed for two main
      It hastens the
      > > release of the subtle vehicles (still enshrouding the soul) from
      the etheric
      > > body, thus bringing about the release in a few hours instead of
      a few days;
      > > it also is a much needed means for bringing about the
      purification of the
      > > astral plane and for arresting the ‘downward
      tendency of desire which
      > > so greatly handicaps the incarnating soul. It can find no point
      of focus,
      > > because essentially fire repels the form-making aspect of desire
      and is a major
      > > expression of divinity with which the astral plane has no true
      relation, being
      > > created entirely by the human soul and not by the divine
      > *******In my opinion, this is gibberish.
      > .... A great deal of nonsense has been told in current
      > literature about the time
      > > equation in relation to the sequential destruction of the subtle
      bodies. It
      > > should be stated, however, that the moment that true death is
      > > established, and it has been ascertained that no spark of life
      remains in
      > > the physical body, cremation is then possible. This complete or
      true death
      > > eventuates when the thread of consciousness and the thread of
      life are completely
      > > withdrawn from the head and the heart. At the same time
      reverence and an
      > > unhurried attitude have their rightful place in the process. The
      family of the
      > > dead person need a few hours in which to adjust themselves to
      the fact of the
      > > imminent disappearance of the outer and usually loved form; due
      care must
      > > also be given to the formalities required by the state or the
      municipality. This
      > > time element has reference mainly to those who are left behind,
      to the
      > > living and not to the dead. The claim that the etheric body must
      not be rushed
      > > into the cremating flames, and the belief that it must be left
      to drift around
      > > for a stated period of several days, have also no true basis at
      all. There is
      > > no etheric need for delay. When the inner man withdraws from his
      > > vehicle he withdraws simultaneously from the etheric body. It is
      true that the
      > > etheric body is apt to linger for a long time on the
      ‘field of
      > > when the physical body is interred, and it will frequently
      persist until
      > > complete disintegration of the dense body has taken place....
      > *******Well, I've heard a variety of opinions expressed through
      the years
      > about Alice Bailey and the worthwhileness (or lack thereof) of her
      writings, but
      > I'd have to say this example shows, in my opinion, that she had no
      clue about
      > anything real --- rather like Leadbeater and so many other post-
      > Theosophists, where Steiner did.
      > SHE is the one writing "nonsense" in this case. The elementals
      or etheric
      > forces remain attached to the physical for several days, I am sure
      > experience. This shows she did not even understand the ethers,
      much less anything
      > higher. Many Theospophists were just as bad, merely speculating
      with the
      > intellect on things they read in Blavatsky, without any
      understanding of the source
      > of such knowledge or, even worse, a false pretense at direct
      > themselves, like Heindel or other fakers claiming to contact 'the
      Brothers'. The
      > proof is in the fruits, since real contact always has a will-
      element and leads to
      > productive work, as anthroposophy demonstrates in the schools,
      farms, arts,
      > etc.
      > I'm sure Bailey must have some good things in her work but in
      this she
      > shows no higher knowledge at all, merely speculative logic. In
      short, here she
      > becomes a tool of Ahriman. There's nothing wrong with cutting up
      or cremating
      > the body right away? We should only wait a few hours for the
      sensibilities of
      > the family? Rubbish. Small wonder the anti-Christian Theosophists
      could not
      > appreciate the significance of the 3 days between Christ's death
      and resurrection.
      > -Starman
      > www.DrStarman.com
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