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3099Cu Chi

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Mar 15, 2005
      In his backpack were explosives, a tool bag, a flash light, wire and
      a detonation switch. Looking down into the spider hole, he realized
      that he would not be able to squeeze through the opening with the
      back pack on his shoulders. He removed the pack and leaned it
      against the rubber tree. He was about to open the pack but froze
      suddenly and dipped his head down toward a thin, metal wire
      extending inches above the earth—--a trip wire connected to
      explosives. The spider hole was booby trapped. Careful not to trip
      the wire, he snipped it with a pair of wire cutters then disabled
      the explosive device by removing the crude, spring-activated
      switch. Afterward he removed a palm-size, retractable mirror from
      the tool bag, then laid on his stomach and peered down into the hole
      using the mirror and the flashlight. It, too, was booby trapped.
      Midway down the ladder was a trip wire, but this one was connected
      to the "trigger" of a grenade and could be deactivated by merely
      snipping the wire. MacIntosh worked quickly and efficiently, with
      thought free thinking, as if in a state of total awareness.

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