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3044Re: [steiner] Chartres Cathedral

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  • LilOleMissy
    Feb 16, 2005
      sarah wrote:
      I have been searching online for some lectures Steiner gave on Chartres Cathedral, but can't find anything! Can any of you wonderful people locate something for me. If not, do you have a good book recommendation? I will be visiting Chartres this summer, so want to brush up on it :-)
      thank you!
      Dolls and Cooperative Boardgames;
      Dear Sarah,

      Unless I'm greatly mistaken, there is a very great deal about Chartres in "Karmic Relationships Vol. III" but surely other Steiner works as well? I don't know if the e-library has these lectures online or not. How wonderful that you will actually be seeing this incredibly beautiful and so very rich in history place. I am so very glad for you and hope to hear something of your impressions afterwards! Those I know who have been fortunate enough to visit there were very deeply impressed. :)

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