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3040Demon Bitch From Hell

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Feb 6, 2005
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      I had a dream last night relating to our topic, Lent. I encountered
      a female form who tempted me in various ways in which I'll spare the
      casual reader, except to say that it would have seriously broken
      my "Lent commitment." In my dream the female form seemed hazy; but,
      as is often reported, I woke up in my dream and the reality became
      stunning. I focused my concentration on this wispy, female figure
      hovering in my dream, and suddenly it didn't seem so alluring or
      sexy. As a matter of fact it was hideous. To my horror it was
      never a dazzling woman that I thought I was seeing. It was some
      sort of demonic creature, and I saw it as plane as day. Her eyes
      weren't human: They were large, round and reptilian. The hate that
      came from her eyes was overwhelming, like an actual force beaming at
      me like a ray gun. By then, however, I was impervious to her
      power. I saw "it" for what it was and the dream promptly ended w/o
      me giving in to her perverted escapades.

      Funny thing is, the demon didn't give a damn that I saw it. I
      hinted an infinitely subtle glint of irony in its malicious smile,
      conveying what "she" thought: "Your may have won this time, but
      there's always a tomorrow. I'll see you in your dreams." Tonight
      I'm going to bed with the night light turned on.

      Mathew Morrell