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2971Re: [steiner] Re: Islam vs Christianity

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  • casey
    Dec 22, 2004
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      DoctorStarman@... wrote:
      [---a crudely material heaven with fruit trees and 72 virgins.}

      *******......... (Can any experts on Islam tell us if  only men go, or is it only lesbian women get to go there? I mean, that wouldn't be much of a reward for heterosexual ones, now would it?)


      Ha reward!  The reward is that a Muslim man may marry them!

      It's possible that the stables of virgins might be populated with the hetero woman....?  (of course with a healthy dose of affirmative action @ a ratio of 72 to 1!!)

      While in no way whatsoever am i an expert in Islam, and not yet have a single gopie who is in love with thee...... ;-)

      Radha the gopie
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